Online Slots History

In order to better understand the history of online casino slots, you first have to look at how the casino games of slots first originated.

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The father of casino slots

Known as the father of slots games, it was a man named Charles Fey who invented the first real slot machine in 1887 that used different symbols like hearts, spades, diamonds, horseshoes and the liberty bell (where it got its name) to determine a winning combination, and even to this day the idea still remains basically the same, although there have been many variations and improvements made. Ironically, even though doctors diagnosed Charles with tuberculosis in his early twenties and gave him only a year to live, not only did he prove them wrong by living a long life, but has become a legend in the gambling world with his invention.

Slots have always been popular in casinos and since they were introduced online have become one of the biggest gambling games played by millions of people worldwide. Software designers soon saw the potential for online casino slots games and quickly designed many different types of casino slots for hundred of online sites that could be played in the comfort of your own home on your computer.

Modern day casino slots

There are now many variations of casino slots online that include machines that have huge progressive jackpots to those that have multi-line and multi-reel options where you can win free spins, added plays and a variety of slots bonuses and payouts, depending on what combination your machine hits. Because of the choices people have to play casino slots online, if you want to play casino slots you will be sure to find one within your budget range and offering the payouts you are trying to win. It is not uncommon for someone to have a life changing win nowadays with payouts on some of the best casino slots exceeding a million dollars in some machines.

They is no end as to how many casino slots games will be offered on the internet as currently there are over 2000 different sites available that offer casino slots.